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FIVE signs it’s time to break up with your contractor

FIVE signs it’s time to break up with your contractor:

1)      NO CONTRACT: Before starting any project be sure to have a signed contract in place… If a contractor begins your project without one it’s very likely your understanding of what was to be performed may not be completed as expected.

2)      MISSED PROJECT COMPLETION DATES: Before you begin your project always be sure to get in writing your start and completion dates so that a common goal is set and achieved.

3)      COST OVER RUNS: All aspects of your project should be clearly defined with their associated cost.  If there are unknown aspects hidden within walls as an example your contractor should express what risk and cost could be if unforeseen setbacks may be discovered.

4)      PERSONALITY CONFLICTS: If your contractor isn’t respectful of you or your property it may be in your best interest to terminate relation before your experience goes downhill too quickly. At the end of your project you both should feel good about your relation and want to do business together again.

5)      CONTRACT VIOLATION: Change orders are certainly acceptable providing they are agreed upon by both parties but if the work begins to stray away from what was agreed without verbal or written consent then it may be time to terminate relation.  All Change Orders should be noted on contract and the price agreed in writing before commencing forward.

“Here at Appleton Renovations we respect and value your trust in us… Contracts are always in place prior to commencing work, every project is started on time and finished on time,  All cost and aspects are clearly defined within our contracts.  We are a family operated and owed small business serving your community since 2003, your satisfaction is always our number one objective!”

Ken Appleton – Founder & Owner

Three Years in a row… Appleton Renovations has been awarded Angies “Super Service Award”.  Less than 5% of all contractors receive this award.

For the third year in a row… Appleton Renovations has been awarded by Angie's List the 2013 ”Super Service Award”
For the third year in a row… Appleton Renovations has been awarded by Angie’s List the 2013 ”Super Service Award”










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