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Remote Control

Universal Remote MX890 System

Remote Solutions

The ability to manage your Home Theater System with ease is one of the most critical items in designing your Home Theater Solution.

Here at Appleton Renovations we believe you should only have to press “one button” when you want to watch a Movie or Watch TV… For years we have been providing our clients with Home Theater Remote Control solutions that are truly this simple.

Most consumers at one point or another have believed they could manage the five to six remotes to navigate through the 25 steps to turn on their system only to find it’s too difficult to turn on their system, so… they just use the cable box or satellite remote to turn on the TV and never actually use their Home Theater. The other most common error is picking up a low end universal remote such as Harmony or Logitech solution from their local electronics store, programming it themselves only to discover they are unreliable or it’s still difficult to use. These remote control simply don’t have the ability to allow consumers to write custom Marco level commands. Appleton Renovations has many solutions that allow one button operation… during your design consultation we will engineer a solution that fits your budget & lifestyle.

Multi-Zone Capability

Wouldn’t it be nice to have guest in the backyard for a BBQ while you play music from your iPod and at the same time have the kids inside watching a movie?

Then you may want to consider Multi-Zone Capability which is a function in which the Receiver can send a second source signal to speakers or a separate audio system in another location. This is not the same as just connecting additional speakers and placing them in another room.

The Multi-Zone function allows a Home Theater Receiver to actually control either the same, or a separate, source than the one being listened to in the main room, to another location. For example, the user can be watching a DVD movie with surround sound in the main room, while someone else can listen to an iPod player in another, at the same time. Both the DVD player and iPod player are connected to the same Receiver, but are accessed and controlled separately using the same main Receiver.

Appleton Renovations has engineered a Mulit-Zone solution that allows you to take your Universal Remote to the back yard while providing control over your entire home theater solution from the comfort of the EZ chair in the backyard.

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