Project of the Week March 23rd, 2012

“Wow what a transformation! I had originally planned to go with a Pottery Barn solution but by the time I totaled up all the components needed for my needs the cost was several thousand dollars, my sister advised I should consider going with a custom cabinet solution but figured it would be too expensive but after reviewing our desires with Ken we were able to come up with a solution that met my budget, so happy with our decision.  We also purchased a Home Theater Solution with 3D and frankly I didn’t believe I would appreciate it but after watching a demo of Avatar in 3D I was blown away!  If you are looking for professional results hire Appleton Renovations.”

They are a pleasure to deal with and I wish that other people were as gracious and hospitable as Ken Appleton. He is sensational. I cannot speak higher of anybody who has ever come to work for us. We have moved around the country and been to many states and this is by far the very best. They were very punctual. If they say they are going to be here at 9 O’clock they are here at 9 O’clock not 9:01. The owner of the company Ken Appleton who did the work is just a magnificent man who did a magnificent job.
We will use them in the future.

C. Meyers RSM, CA

Pottery Barn

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