Project of appleton renovation – the Week July 27th, 2011

Think, It is a god project of Appleton renovation team. Before meeting with Appleton Renovations I simply didn’t realize what all was involved to get this project done correctly, Ken advised me on all aspects of what was needed and still being a bit  skeptical  I proceeded to receive multiple quotes in hopes of finding a lower cost solution but frankly the lower cost solutions looked like something from Ikea… and the advise I was receiving didn’t quite settle well… So I saved a few more pennies and then selected Appleton Renovations… So professional! The outcome exceeded my expectations, they managed all the Audio Video, Electrical, Cabinetry and Masonry. So happy! Highly recommend the project of Appleton Renovations!


Ms. McCoske


y – Laguna Niguel, CAProject of appleton renovation

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