Project of the week February 28th, 2014 – Hand Crafted Entertainment Center & Theater Solution

Volkman Project
Appleton Renovations Hand Crafted Entertainment Center

I have had Appleton Renovations perform many projects in my home over the years & the key decision to bringing them back for the next stage of my homes transformation is the fact that Ken’s creative vision always exceeds my expectation… His team is extremely professional & polite… every project starts and finishes on time as well.I laugh now because one of the early conversations we had is I insisted that I really didn’t care about the TV and that the smaller the better..   Now that I have a beautiful 60” Samsung HDTV theater solution I am so glad I took Ken’s recommendation, the size is perfect!  During my training I was absolutely blown away by the 3D demo movie, I told Ken “I don’t think I’m ever going to leave this room, this is gorgeous!”  I also love that I can now send Music & photos directly from my iPhone and computer to the theater solution.

In closing I simply cant believe how big the room appears now!  The fact is we are taking less room than the store purchased cabinets I had.

Now that  my family room Hand Crafted Entertainment Center Fireplace is completed I already have my next project in mind.

Appleton Renovation is simply the best!

Volkman – Aliso Viejo, CA

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Hand Crafted Entertainment Center & Theater Solution

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