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All HDMI CABLES cables are NOT created equal.
Short length cables (under 10ft/3m) are generally not an issue as long as they comply with the HDMI 1.4 specification (now referred to as “High Speed HDMI Cables”). But once you go beyond 12ft/4m, you need to verify the cable will meet the performance needs of your system design. HDMI 1.3 cables do not necessarily meet the 1.4 specification and may not have enough bandwidth to pass 3D, 8-bit/12-bit color, Audio Return Channel, or Ethernet Channel… All features now becoming more and more common in the newest HDMI connected gear.


Set up and test the equipment you are installing BEFORE you install cables in walls.
I know this sounds pretty basic, but many of the HDMI issues that I get calls on involve “existing” products the customer already owns that were incorporated into the installation with “new” products. Connect all the products together and test them with all the cables and devices you are planning to use in the installation. It’s better to solve any issues before you install the cables behind walls – and a lot less expensive.

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