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Murphy Beds and Safety

Is it Safe?
When you think Murphy Beds, do you think safety? Everyone talks about the convenience of  Murphy Beds. How they’re easily tucked up against the wall ready for use in a matter of seconds. But rarely do consumers consider the safety factor.

When considering a Murphy Bed some questions should be asked:

1. What type of mechanism is raising and lowering the bed?
The Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware spring mechanism is counter-balanced with self lubricated bushings. It allows for finger tip operation and is designed to last a lifetime.

2. Is there a restriction on weight?
The Murphy Wall-Bed Leg System has been tested to withstand over 2500 lbs of dead weight.

3. Is there clearance under the bed when in the down position?
It’s important to have space under the Murphy Bed. If someone is lowering the bed and inadvertently slips or falls, the space between the bed and the floor can avoid a serious injury.

4. Are the springs durable?
The Murphy Wall Bed springs have been professionally tested to undergo over a lifetime of usage. They are protected by a plastic cover to avoid any pinching.

Overall, Murphy Beds are extremely safe. We encourage you to research the functionality of the bed prior to purchasing. If you have any questions on this or any other subject relating to Murphy Beds, please feel free to call us at 1-949-887-6764.

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