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Fireplace Project of the Week February 25th, 2011

“Recently  we attempted to retro-fit our existing TV cabinet in an effort to keep our cost down,  unfortunately it didn’t turn out as we had hoped so we contacted Ken to see if there was something he could do… after reviewing our options I asked Ken to honestly advise as to what he would do if this was his personal home and of course his response was  “start over…”  not exactly what I wanted to hear but after he explained the actual cost of the Fireplace Project and difference between the retro and recreating our space to be more aesthetically pleasing and practical, I began to realize the upside of how the room could be transformed into something more elegant that matched our life style more efficiently.  The results are amazing!  The room now feels huge!  Thank you Ken for your design ideas and bringing them into a reality!  Our home is becoming more and more our dream home with each design you create, we look forward to the next project and will continually recommend you and your team to all our friends and family.”  Mrs. Lamb – Coto de Caza, CA

Fireplace Project
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