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Kitchen Coffered Ceiling

An investment in your home is one of the greatest investments in your portfolio in this day and age.   But many hesitate due to lack of funds or the scare of the expense.  Surprisingly, your home CAN be updated with very little investment.  You can obtain that new look, or feel like your home is your own personal palace with minor upgrades.

One of the first things people tend to replace are the old fluorescent lighting fixtures in the kitchen with recessed lighting.  When homes were built years ago this was the most updated way in lighting.   These days, recessed lighting is the most appealing look.  It offers a vaulted ceiling façade often referred to as a kitchen coffered ceiling giving your kitchen a much larger feel and cleaner appearance.  The inside can be finished with crown molding and then double-framed for a picturesque look.   It is desirable to use a crown molding that you have already chosen to use in an adjacent room, thus tying the whole endeavor together.  You can also have the recessed ceiling painted in a faux finish or simply match the color of your walls.   This really completes an area.
[image title=”Coffered Ceiling – Before and After” size=”large” align=”center” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true”]https://fxr5cd.n3cdn1.secureserver.net/images/recessed-lighting/coffered-ceiling.png[/image]

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  1. Image referenced is a Coffered ceiling with Triple Crown molding & 4 recessed lights, this runs Around $1,495.00 with special running this month. Please contact Ken@Appleton Renovations.com for furthur information.

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