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October 2010

Back to School Means Appleton Murphy Beds Renovations

Appleton Murphy Beds Renovations

Murphy Beds in  September is all about “NEW” things. New wake-up times, new classes, new friends, new assignments and most importantly new time schedules. Parents and children are rushing Appleton murphy beds there and everywhere to simply survive. Staying organized can decrease stress and anxiety in a time when every minute of every day is filled to the max! Imagine your child waking up in the morning and the first thing they do is make their bed! Most parents would fall over and faint. When your child has it pulling up the covers and closing it away literally takes less than a minute. Their room is now 50% tidier than it was 60 seconds earlier. The beds can be customized to suit both the room and your child’s teen age tastes. Single, Double, Queen, Bookshelves, Drawers, TV cabinets, wardrobes, game storage the possibility’s are endless. When it comes to maximizing the space in a small room. Your child and sanity will thank you for it!


Murphy Beds and Safety

Is it Safe?
When you think Murphy Beds, do you think safety? Everyone talks about the convenience of  Murphy Beds. How they’re easily tucked up against the wall ready for use in a matter of seconds. But rarely do consumers consider the safety factor.

When considering a Murphy Bed some questions should be asked:

1. What type of mechanism is raising and lowering the bed?
The Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware spring mechanism is counter-balanced with self lubricated bushings. It allows for finger tip operation and is designed to last a lifetime.

2. Is there a restriction on weight?
The Murphy Wall-Bed Leg System has been tested to withstand over 2500 lbs of dead weight.

3. Is there clearance under the bed when in the down position?
It’s important to have space under the Murphy Bed. If someone is lowering the bed and inadvertently slips or falls, the space between the bed and the floor can avoid a serious injury.

4. Are the springs durable?
The Murphy Wall Bed springs have been professionally tested to undergo over a lifetime of usage. They are protected by a plastic cover to avoid any pinching.

Overall, Murphy Beds are extremely safe. We encourage you to research the functionality of the bed prior to purchasing. If you have any questions on this or any other subject relating to Murphy Beds, please feel free to call us at 1-949-887-6764.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Murphy Beds

Is a wallbed, sleep and store bed or hideaway bed the same as a Murphy Bed?
Although different companies make different styles of Murphy beds, the general concept is the same but the actual mechanisms might differ in appearance and quality. The term “Murphy Bed” is not a direct brand name like Coca-Cola; it’s just the style of bed that was invented by a person named Murphy many years ago.

Are Murphy Beds comfortable?
Absolutely! Unlike sofa beds and futons, Murphy Beds do not require any folding mattresses, so you are sleeping on a quality mattress without the bars and lumps associated with sofa beds and futons.

Are Murphy beds easy to raise and lower?
Yes they are! Our spring-loaded mechanisms ensure effortless opening and closing. Our mechanisms are counter balanced to prevent your bed from unexpectedly falling. You can raise or lower your Murphy bed with just one finger.

Do I need a box spring?
Definitely not! For years doctors have recommended a flat platform for sleeping support. Many manufacturers have discontinued box spring products as they are redundant.

Can I close my Murphy Bed with all the bedding and pillows in place?
No problem! We provide a Velcro strap system to hold your bedding and mattress in place when your Murphy Bed is in the vertical position. You can open your Murphy Bed and use it immediately.

Increase Your Usable Space With a Murphy Bed by Appleton Renovations

No one enjoys clutter. If you’re like most people today, organizing your space is crucial to the success of your household and family. Being organized leads to a positive environment and allows you more time to concentrate on the important things in life.

Now is an excellent time to address your space needs with an Appleton Renovation designed Murphy Bed. Yes, we said “Murphy Bed”. They’re back and more popular than ever. Gone are the days of Laurel and Hardy where the beds were portrayed as a fold away trap for your worst enemies. These days the beds are sleek, reliable and built for comfort.

When you’re renovating, re-organizing or downsizing, an Appleton Renovation – Murphy Wall Bed will provide a unique solution for your storage needs. During the day a room can function as a TV room, home office, playroom, or whatever your needs require. Simply and quickly the room can be converted into a guest room. A standard mattress creates a comfortable sleep for you or your guests and is easily tucked away into a 16” depth bed cabinet when not in use.

The Appleton Renovation – Murphy Bed Hardware used in today’s beds is state of the art. It’s a counter-balanced spring system with a lightweight frame which results in finger-tip operation. Whether you’re six or eighty-six you’re able to open and close the bed with ease.

In addition to the Murphy Bed itself, other furniture pieces can also be designed to function with the bed. For instance, matching side cabinets with wardrobes, drawers, and slide-out night tables allow for storage on either side of the Murphy Bed or a corner desk with overhead cabinetry can be utilized for an office situation. The Appleton Renovation – Murphy Bed systems can be custom designed to best fit your space.

Smaller spaces demand new solutions, storage solutions. Murphy Wall Beds has been creating storage since 1975 using innovative technology and beautifully designed cabinetry. A well executed storage system can transcend form and function into architecture for the art of living better, giving you more room in your life for the things that matter most.

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