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August 2012

Appleton renovations California- Project of the Week August 31st, 2012

Appleton renovations California

simply amazing quality and professionalism! We have had our entire home renovated this summer and soon discovered that Appleton did many of the trades we had hired others to do except Appleton was not only better in quality they were 10x faster, we actually fired a couple contractors to have Appleton take over… Here’s the most surprising thing, another company quoted $19,000 for a cabinet that Appleton Renovations ended up doing for $6,500.  As a result we were able to have Three built-Ins completed for the same price as original bid!  We are so pleased.  Lastly the Home Theaters they installed ROCKS our house!

If you have always dreamed of having a model home, contact appleton renovations for your FREE in home design consultation. We are so excited about the transformation to our Master Bedroom, the Entertainment center and dresser really completes the room and the Theater solution looks and sounds great.

Mr. Bauer – Laguna Niguel, CA

appleton renovations california

Project of the Week August 17th, 2012

We had been struggling and faced with a few constrictions with the layout of our Niche in our family room thinking our only option was to place a cabinet and TV in the Niche  which would be off center from the room… Certainly not an optimum option.  We then found Appleton Renovations ad and called to set up a design consultation and within minutes Ken Appleton had a design drawn out and began to explain how he could incorporate a home theater that would be hidden in the design…  We entertained a couple  other bids hoping to reduce the cost but frankly we didn’t feel comfortable with the other contractors expertise… Appleton Renovations is a one-stop-shop that offered expertise in Cabinetry, Home theater & Lighting all solutions were presented in a very clear and concise full turn-key proposal. We now have a home theater that we can turn on and enjoy with simply pressing one button on our Universal remote control. The project was started on time and finished on time, we are so happy with our decision and highly recommend Appleton Renovations for your home improvement needs.

Kouyoumdjian – Newport Coast, CA

Ken Appleton home renovation

Project of the Week Aug 10th, 2012 – specialize in Custom Cabinets

Appleton Renovations… simply amazing quality and professionalism! “We recently purchased our home and one of the areas that we were disappointed was the existing Entertainment Center, we discovered Appleton Renovations ad that show cased an area similar to ours,  we set up a Design Consultation and within minutes Ken Appleton sketched a built-in that simply blew our minds.  Beside professionalism what we really liked about Appleton Renovations is that they were a full turn-key provider that specialize in Custom Cabinets, Home Theater and Lighting!   All of our needs were met with one call..   Our project was completed on time as promised and we are SO PLEASED!  Our Family room feels huge!”

DelRosario – San Clemente, CA

specialize in Custom Cabinets






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