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Project of the Week June 4th, 2012

“Recently we had run across an ad from Appleton Renovations and were impressed with the Custom Built-In shown… We contacted them for an in home design consultation and advised Ken we didn’t want something to big that would over power the room.. Ken Assured us he could come up with something that would actually make the room feel larger, after reviewing his portfolio and seeing a number of other projects similar to ours we then felt comfortable with the concept… Within minutes Ken had drawn a too scale drawing of what our room would look like and we LOVED IT!

In addition… to our surprise they also offered Home Theater Solutions, originally we thought we would go down to Costco and just pick up a TV but after reviewing with Ken what was actually involved in setting up a system properly we realized we needed an expert… Ken reviewed a number of options and then designed a Home Theater Solution that matched our budget.

The Project is now complete and I must admit I cant believe how big our room feels… and the 3D Home Theater Systems is simply amazing.

We really enjoyed the experience and the results and would highly recommend Appleton Renovations to anyone looking to transform their home.

Iverson – Capo Beach, CA

A living room with a fireplace and a television.

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