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Project of the Week October 14th, 2011

We work from home and Office space has always been an issue, We contacted Appleton Renovations for a free design consultation to determine if anything could be done in our 10’ x 11’ room… amazingly Ken was able to design a Built-In solution beyond our expectation, Ken designed a dual person Work Station on one side and a Murphy bed on the opposite wall with wainscot on all the walls to tie the room together, plus Crown molding.  Our office is very functional and beautiful!  I highly recommend Appleton Renovations to all our family & friends!The Appleton Renovation – Murphy Bed Hardware used in today’s beds is state of the art. It’s a counter-balanced spring system with a lightweight frame which results in finger-tip operation. Whether you’re six or eighty-six you’re able to open and close the bed with ease.

Create more room for guests, work, hobbies and everyday living with the industry’s best Murphy Beds hardware mechanisms systems incorporated into Appleton Renovations architecture designs.

Choose from our Metro or Classic Wall Beds, panel beds, fold-down beds, bi-fold bed or, folding bed frames, let us transform walls, desks and closets into elegant, practical, comfortable spaces.

Appleton Renovation Murphy Wall-Beds deliver flexible, comfortable sleep-and-store solutions “Creating Space for life”

Williams – Laguna Ni Murphy Bedguel, CA

Built-In Work Station & Murphy Bed

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