Project of the week December 6th, 2013 Hand Crafted Entertainment Center Home Theater

A couple years back we purchased a 46” HDTV and hired somebody to cut our entertainment center to fit the new TV and frankly it looked horrible!  Then one day we seen an ad from Appleton Renovations showing a home similar to ours and decided is was time to have our area professionally done… Ken came in and within minutes showed me some examples of what could be done and loved it… They came in and transformed the entire area within a few days and designed a home theater upgrading us to a 60”  So happy with the Custom Entertainment center & Home Theater they provided, we can even use our iPhones to control the system as well!   Highly recommend Appleton Renovations, a full turnkey solution provider!

Cohen – Mission Viejo, CA

Cohen Project
Built-In Home Theater



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