Project of the Week May 11th, 2012

Originally back in 2005 we had our built-in and flat screen installed and never really felt satisfied with the out come but the price was within our budget, we considered doing our Entertainment Center again over the years but were so displeased with the services we had received the first time we were reluctant to consider doing it again.  We had seen Appleton Renovations ads over the years and always admired the before and after examples they displayed but didn’t think we could achieve the same look considering our layout… curiosity finally got the best of us so we decided to call Appleton Renovations to see what could be done and to my surprise Ken advised we could transform our
area into something similar to the ad and within minutes sketched us an example that we instantly loved!

We are now finished and completely blown away by how beautiful our Family room has been transformed, it’s now like a model home…!  What’s funny is as we filed our  paperwork we found  Appleton Renovations ad from 2005, if we had simply selected them in the first place we would have already been enjoying our built-in for the past seven years.

If you are looking for professionalism in every degree then Appleton Renovations is the answer.  We will definitely use them again and recommend them to our family and friends.  Thank you Appleton Renovations for transforming our home and restoring our faith in Contractors!

Boyd – San Juan Capistrano, CA

Entertainment Center

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